Seven Teams Have Won Super Bowls in Consecutive Years

Published on July 31st, 2021 3:19 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The teams that have won consecutive Super Bowls. Winning back-to-back Super Bowls is certainly no easy feat.

To start, making a deep playoff run is exhausting (both mentally and physically), and it's very hard to teams to get themselves "up" to repeat with another deep run the following year.

Also, a team's success will usually lead to a number of their players asking for big contracts. Due to the salary cap, teams usually can't accommodate, and they immediately lose some of their most important contributors to success.

Finally, there is just so much parity in the NFL that winning the Super Bowl twice in two years is a monumental task.


Seven different teams have won the Super Bowl two years in a row.

No team has ever won the Super Bowl three years in a row.

The Pittsburgh Steelers remain the only team to have ever won the Super Bowl in consecutive years TWICE.

Here are the teams that have won consecutive Super Bowls:

New England Patriots (XXXVIII, XXXIX)
Denver Broncos (XXXII, XXXIII)
Dallas Cowboys (XXVII, XXVIII)
San Francisco 49ers (XXIII, XXIV)
Pittsburgh Steelers (IX, X)
Pittsburgh Steelers (XIII, XIV)
Miami Dolphins (VII, VIII)
Green Bay Packers (I, II)


Tom Brady will be attempting to win back-to-back Super Bowls with different teams when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers begin the defense of their title in 2021.

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