Pittsburgh Steelers vs New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars vs New England Patriots Highlight Preseason Week 1 Schedule

Published on August 8th, 2017 12:50 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel
After the Hall of Fame game last week, the NFL's preseason schedule officially kicks off this week with a full slate of games.

The preseason is always hard to handicap as superstar players are likely to receive just a couple of snaps - at the most, a single quarter of play.

In their place, back-ups, rookies and other players who are hopeful to make the club.

This makes successfully wagering on the preseason, especially the first week of the preseason, a near impossibility as there are just too many unknown factors.

Sure, the New England Patriots may look good in the first quarter, as Tom Brady and others are likely to run a couple of drives. What happens in the three quarters after that, however, once they are pulled from the game?


Again, with starters likely to play less than a quarter of football, tread carefully when it comes to wagering on these games.

Having said that, here are the Week 1 NFL Preseason betting odds:

Houston Texans, +2.5, 1.90
Carolina Panthers, -2.5, 1.90

Atlanta Falcons, -1, 1.90
Miami Dolphins, +1, 1.90

Minnesota Vikings, -1, 1.90
Buffalo Bills, +1, 1.90

Jacksonville Jaguars, +3, 2.00
New England Patriots, -3, 1.83

Washington Redskins, +1, 1.90
Baltimore Ravens, -1, 1.90

Denver Broncos, +1, 1.86
Chicago Bears, -1, 1.95

New Orleans Saints, +3, 1.90
Cleveland Browns, -3, 1.90

Philadelphia Eagles, +1, 1.90
Green Bay Packers, -1, 1.90

Pittsburgh Steelers, +3, 2.05
New York Giants, -3, 1.80

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, +2, 1.90
Cincinnati Bengals, -2, 1.90

San Francisco 49ers, +4, 1.90
Kansas City Chiefs, -4, 1.90

Tennessee Titans, -2.5, 1.90
New York Jets, +2.5, 1.90

Dallas Cowboys, -2.5, 1.86
Los Angeles Rams, +2.5, 1.95

Oakland Raiders, +3, 1.86
Arizona Cardinals, -3, 1.95

Detroit Lions, -1, 1.95
Indianapolis Colts, +1, 1.86

Seattle Seahawks, +1.5, 1.90
Los Angeles Chargers, -1.5, 1.90


Due to the random nature of Week 1 Preseason play, you may want to look for the biggest underdogs and bet on them to win, as neither team will really have an edge at this point of the year.

One game that looks interesting to me is the San Francisco vs Kansas City game, where the Chiefs are four point favourites to win. I'd certainly take the 49ers plus the four points in that contest.

Good luck!

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