Deal Worth $120 Million Per Year For Six Years

Published on April 13th, 2021 12:35 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

A data deal has been signed, which relates to sports betting. Earlier this week, the NFL signed a data distribution deal with Genius Sports.

Genius Sports will be paying the NFL $120 million a year for a total of six years. According to reports, half of the deal will be paid in Genius Sports equity, while the rest will come in cash.

As part of the deal, Genius Sports will distribute NFL real-time play-by-play data and Next Gen Stats to sports books across the world.

The two sides will also work to "innovate the NFL's data feed" and other products as part of the deal.


Prior to this deal being signed, the NFL had been receiving $20 million per year from Genius Sports' competitor Sportradar.

The massive jump in the price paid for the data distribution deal reflects the value of the rapidly growing sportsbook market in the United States. The NFL has done a 180 degree turn in regards to sports betting over the past couple of years, as they embrace a lucrative new revenue stream.


As a result of this deal, the NFL now owns equity stakes in both Sportradar and Genius Sports.


Sports betting is now legal or almost legal in nearly two dozen US states, as states scramble to pass legislation to realize a lucrative new stream of revenue.

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