Miami Heat Are The Biggest Favourites To Win

Published on April 21st, 2014 12:35 am EST
Now, we are getting to this article a couple of days late - all of the first round series have already gotten underway. So, keep in mind that these odds reflect that fact that all of the series have had at least one game played. in the case of Indiana vs Atlanta, for instance, Atlanta's Game 1 upset has caused the odds to move in Atlanta's favor (though Indiana is still favored to win.)

It shouldn't surprise you to see that the Miami Heat, who are the defending two-time champions, are massive favorites to beat the Charlotte Bobcats. A $1,000 wager on the Heat would return just $10 if LeBron and company manage to win the series. If Charlotte happens to pull off the massive upset, a successful $1,000 bet would pay out $18,000.

Let's look at the eight series and their current betting odds:

Oklahoma City Thunder, 1.12
Memphis Grizzlies, 6.50

Memphis managed to give OKC a bit of a scare in Game 1 - is this indicative of how the series is going to go?

Los Angeles Clippers, 1.73
Golden State Warriors, 2.10

Disaster struck the Clippers in Game 1 when they managed to lose by 4 points. There was a great deal of excitement in Los Angeles for the Clippers heading into this post-season (largely due to the fact that the Lakers were oh-so-bad this year) and their Game 1 loss hit Clippers' fans like a slap to the face. Can they turn things around in the series? This is when Doc Rivers and his veteran leadership will likely prove invaluable.

Indiana Pacers, 1.53
Atlanta Hawks, 2.50

The Pacers shockingly dropped Game 1. Will this continuation of the Pacers' late season swoon continue or will Indiana be able to pull things together?

Toronto Raptors, 3.40
Brooklyn Nets, 1.33

The Nets are loaded with veterans and it showed in Game 1. The Raptors need a strong effort in Game 2 or else this will be a very short series.

Chicago Bulls, 2.15
Washington Wizards, 1.73

This series is likely the closest to being a toss-up of any in the first round.

Miami Heat, 1.01
Charlotte Bobcats, 18.00

The Heat are healthy once again and that is bad news for the rest of the NBA.

San Antonio Spurs, 1.06
Dallas Mavericks, 9.00

The Mavs kept it close in Game 1 but it's hard to imagine them defeating the Spurs in 4 of the next 6 games.


This series is currently off the board due to the fact that Game 1 is currently in progress.


The Heat are still the favorites to repeat as champions though they will face a very stiff test from whichever team manages to exit the Western Conference.

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