Wermelin Continues To Hold Single-Game Scoring Record

Published on January 8th, 2023 3:14 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The most points scored in the single game of basketball by a player. Two players have scored more than 200 points in a single basketball game.

Konrad Migdalski scored 227 points in a game in December of 2005 - his team would end up winning 326-15.

The record for most points in a single game, however, is held by a Swedish player named Mats Wermelin.

In a high school basketball game in February of 1974 in Sweden, Mats Wermelin scored an unbelievable 272 points en route to victory.

That's not the craziest part of this story.

Mats Wermelin scored EVERY single one of his team's points in a 272-0 victory.

Not only did Wermelin score every point, but his team allowed zero points over the entire contest.


What happened?

Was Wermelin some oversized kid that was impossible to defend in the paint? Were his teammates just feeding him each and every play?

Wermelin did not go on to enjoy a career playing professional basketball. In fact, little is known about Wermelin, so we don't know the circumstances behind his monster effort.


Many people dispute that this result could have ever happened.

How could one 13 year-old boy score 272 points in a single game? How could he have scored every single point? How could his team have allowed zero points over the entire game?

Mats Wermelin's epic performance, however, caught the eye of the Guinness Sports Record Book.

It's unlikely that Guinness would have included Wermelin without some kind of confirmation of his performance.

If Guinness included Wermelin's performance in their book, you can safely assume that it actually happened.


Here are the five highest one-game point totals in the history of the game of basketball:

1. Mats Wermelin, 272 points
2. Konrad Migdalski, 227 points
3. Marin Ferencevic, 178 points
4. Erman Kunter, 153 points
5. Aristeidis Moumoglou, 145 points

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