Home Run Streak Spanned Almost 2 Years

Published on January 23rd, 2024 4:28 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The untouchable home run hitting record by LSU Tigers college baseball team. In 1997, LSU became college baseball's national champions after winning the College World Series.

This was their second consecutive national championship.

It's easy for Skip Bertman's team to get forgotten about as the years crawl by, which is why articles like this one are important to remind people just how dominant the LSU team was.

Let's start with this incredible statistic - from June 8th, 1996 to February 21st, 1998, LSU's baseball team hit a home run in EACH and EVERY game that they played.

There were no nights off during this time. There were no nights when the LSU team was shut out or otherwise dazzled by an opposing pitcher.

The LSU team went "yard" in each and every game played between these two dates, including any playoff games.

This includes the entirety of the 1997 season, when LSU hit a home run in every single of their 70 games that year.

In total, LSU hit 188 home runs over the course of 70 games, which remains one of college baseball's most untouchable records.


In 1997, LSU finished with a record of 57-13 en route to their title.

The team had more double-digit scoring outputs that season than you can imagine, regularly beating their opponents by scores of 14-0, 15-2 and 16-2.

The team started their season on a 19-0 winning streak, and only had their streak broken after losing to Georgia by a score of 11-9.

The team continued to mash in the post-season - in total, they won 9 post-season games.

In 8 of those games, LSU scored at least 10 runs.


The LSU team was led by Brandon Larson, who put up some absolutely ungodly numbers over the course of the season.

Larson hit 40 home runs in 1997, with a .381 batting average and 118 RBIs.

In a college baseball season!


LSU's 1997 season was absolutely incredible, and it seems nearly impossible that anybody will be able to match their record of home runs in each and every game that year.

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