Both Alvarez and Olwine Retired Without Recording a Single Win

Published on April 14th, 2023 1:45 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Two players share a dubious baseball record. Juan Alvarez and Ed Olwine share a dubious record:

They both pitched a total of 80 games without recording a SINGLE win.

Now, both men achieved a goal that many can only dream of - they both pitched in Major League Baseball.

The downside, however, is that they share an unfortunate record that will likely never be broken - they both appeared in 80 games without notching a single win.


Juan Alvarez had a four year career which saw him play for Anaheim, Texas and Florida.

During that time, Alvarez appeared in a total of 80 games, where he notched a record of 0-19.

Alvarez was most active in 2002 when he played with the Texas Rangers.

Over the course of that season, Alvarez appeared in 52 games, notching a record of 0-12 with an ERA of 4.76.

Juan's numbers certainly weren't TERRIBLE - over the course of his career, he posted an ERA of 5.22 in 80 appearances.

Unfortunately for Alvarez, things never went his way, and he was never able to notch a single win before leaving the league for good.


Ed Olwine played for three years in the big leagues, all of which were with the Atlanta Braves.

Again - Olwine was far from terrible, notching a lifetime ERA of 4.52 in 80 appearances.

During that time, Olwine pitched nearly 90 innings, notching a record of 0-28.

Again, Olwine just didn't get any lucky breaks, and he never managed to notch a single win during his three years in the league.


Neither Alvarez or Olwine were terrible - there were pitchers with numbers that were much, much worse.

This doesn't stop Alvarez and Olwine from finding themselves with a dubious baseball record that will likely never be broken.

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