The Story of Why An All-Time Great Isn't In the Hall of Fame

Published on January 4th, 2024 2:35 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The story of Jim Tyrer an ex football star offensive tackle. Jim Tyrer is widely regarded as being one of the best offensive tackles of all time, though he isn't in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

How is Tyrer - a four-time champion, a 5x first-team All-AFL, a 1x first-team All-Pro, and a 2x Pro Bowler - not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?


In 1975, Jim Tyrer would announce his retirement after a long and distinguished career in which he played in 194 games and started in 179.

To demonstrate his value, Tyrer was traded in the final year of his career for three draft picks.

Tyrer was a beast and started in 180 consecutive games for the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs. He opened up massive holes for his running backs and fullbacks, and was a key reason why the team enjoyed so much success.

When Tyrer retired, the 6'6, 280 pounds offensive tackle was a surefire entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


50 years later, and Tyrer is nowhere to be found in the Hall.

The reason?

A series of business failings resulted in Tyrer losing his mind in 1980. After working as a salesman, Tyrer invested in a tire business which ultimately failed.

After working for Amway, Tyrer grew increasingly frustrated with his lot in life, especially after enjoying so much success in his football career.

Tyrer snapped on September 15th, 1980, killing his wife, Martha, before eventually killing himself.


The news shocked everyone, as Tyrer was popular with his teammates.

As a result of the murder/suicide, Tyrer was excluded from the Hall of Fame.

There have been 21 offensive linesmen who have made first-team All-Pro five times and the Pro Bowl 7 times who are eligible for the Hall of Fame, and Tyrer is the only player that hasn't been admitted.

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