Johnny Manziel Currently Listed at 8.00 To Go At #1

Published on May 6th, 2014 4:26 pm EST
The NFL draft is set to run from Thursday, May 8th to Saturday, May 10th.

In true NFL fashion, the draft has been the hot topic of conversation for many weeks, if not months. Will Jadeveon Clowney go #1? Where will Johnny Manziel be picked? What happens if Manziel doesn’t get picked by the Browns with the #4 pick? Will the Falcons trade up to draft Clowney? These are just some of the questions that people have been pondering over the past couple of months.

One thing is indisputable - Jadeveon Clowney is the current favorite to be picked first overall. If not for some character issues, Clowney would likely be a lock for the #1 pick. However, some people insist that Clowney is a lazy player and this apparently has some teams hesitant to draft the incredible talent. Having said that, Clowney is currently 1.40 to be the first overall pick at this week’s draft.

What about Johnny Manziel? According to the oddsmakers, Manziel is currently 8.00 to go to the Texans with the first overall pick. There is no denying that Manziel is a tremendously talented player, but people believe that he is just too risky for the Texans to take with the first pick. Sure, it would help sell tickets, but there are concerns over Manziel’s height and character. Most people believe that Manziel will likely be taken by the Cleveland Browns with the fourth overall pick. If the Browns pass on Manziel, expect him to fall all the way to #8.


Here are the current betting odds for all of the players who have a reasonable shot at being taken #1:

Jadeveon Clowney, 1.40
Blake Bortles, 5.00
Johnny Manziel, 8.00
Khalil Mack, 13.00
Greg Robinson, 13.00
Teddy Bridgewater, 15.00

Bridgewater is seen as being the possible “dark horse” pick if the Texans decide to surprise. Bridgewater is an incredibly talented QB who has a great mind.


In the end, Clowney will almost certainly go #1, as he is clearly the best overall talent in the draft. The big question - will the Texans take him, or will a team like the Falcons trade up?

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