NFL Remains The Hardest Sport To Make Money On

Published on September 18th, 2020 1:09 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Tips for developing and edge in the game of sports betting. If you want to know the hardest sports in the world to make money betting on, there is a simple and surefire formula to follow.

The more popular the sport with bettors, the harder it is to make money.

The reason? Bookmakers are in the business of making money, and if there are dealing with a sport or league that comes with very high betting volumes, they will make sure that their lines are always spot on.

For instance - the hardest sport in the world to make money on is American football, aka the NFL.

Why is that?

The NFL is the most popular league in the world to bet on, so sportsbooks will invest heavily to make sure that their lines are always perfect or near-perfect.

In short - there is not much of an edge, if any, when it comes to American football, as the lines are just too perfectly priced.

Add in the sportsbook's "vig" (how they make money) and you are almost certainly not going to make money betting on American football over time.

This applies to other very popular leagues and sports as well.

For instance, the English Premier League is VERY hard to make money on (nearly impossible), as there is just too much betting volume, so the lines are just too accurate.

In short - the more popular the sport, the harder it is to make money over the long-term.


Where you can develop an edge is when you have an expertise of a sport or league that isn't as popular with bettors.

This can result in mis-priced lines, which can produce an edge.

For instance - mixed martial arts is a good example of this.

If you have a deep knowledge of the sport, you can very likely be a long-term winner betting on mixed martial arts fights, especially those involving people on the preliminary cards. These prelim fights can produce some amazing opportunities, as the sportsbooks don't have the resources or knowledge to accurately set lines on these fights.

This is where you can develop an edge. If you think that you can develop a significant edge over a sportsbook in a sport like American football or soccer, you are probably going to be proven wrong.

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