Edgar vs Aldo Betting Line

Published on January 12th, 2013 1:45 pm EST
Former UFC Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar will be dropping down to take on current Featherweight champion Jose Aldo in the main event of UFC 156 next month. UFC 156, which will be taking place on February 2nd in Las Vegas, will also feature Alistair Overeem vs Antonio Silva and Rashad Evans vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

Frankie Edgar vs Jose Aldo is the closest thing that the UFC has seen to a "superfight" since Georges St. Pierre took on BJ Penn at UFC 94. Frankie Edgar had always been a "small" Lightweight, and would be giving up over 20 pounds when he fought opponents such as Gray Maynard and Ben Henderson. The featherweight division is a much more appropriate division for Edgar, given his size.

Frankie Edgar vs Jose Aldo has been a number of months in the making. The original plan was for Jose Aldo to square off against Erik Koch at UFC 153. Koch was forced to withdraw, and Edgar was offered the fight against Aldo and quickly accepted. Jose Aldo was eventually forced off UFC 153 due to injury, and the Aldo/Edgar "superfight" was postponed and rescheduled for UFC 156.

Jose Aldo has a record as a professional fighter of 22-1-0, including three successful defenses of his UFC Featherweight title. Aldo's most recent fight was a first round knockout of Chad Mendes at UFC 142. This fight became somewhat famous due to Aldo running into the crowd after the fight.

For Frankie Edgar, his fight against Jose Aldo will be the SEVENTH straight fight in which he has fought for a title. This includes two fights against BJ Penn, two fights against Gray Maynard and two fights against Ben Henderson. The fights against Henderson and Maynard were all classics. In short, Edgar is used to fighting in the spotlight.


Jose Aldo is a favorite heading into his UFC 156 fight against Frankie Edgar. Here are the current betting odds, courtesy of Bodog:

Jose Aldo, -250
Frankie Edgar, +195

These odds mean that a $250 bet on Jose Aldo would potentially yield a profit of $100, while a $100 bet on Frankie Edgar would yield a total profit of $195.


Aldo, as mentioned, is the favorite, but Frankie Edgar has a history of surprising oddsmakers (see his first fight against BJ Penn in which he was a MASSIVE underdog). Can "The Answer" do it again at UFC 156?

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