Newly Renovated Stade Velodrome, the Home of Olympique de Marseille, is Ready for Euro 2016

The newly renovated Olympique de Marseille stadium, Stade Velodrome, is a thing of beauty.

As France is gearing up to host the Euro 2016, a lot of the stadiums nationwide are getting a makeover. Stade Velodrome, which has always been the pride of the city of Marseille, is one sweet looking stadium following the renovations.

Stade Velodrome Project - Renovations - Areal Photo - October 2014

Here are some notes about the newly done up Stade Velodrome:

- Stadium capacity has been increased from 60k to 67k

- Thousands of new VIP seats have been added

- Huge underground parking was built

- Stadium now has handicap access

- New roof was built

- Stadium acoustics were kept in mind during renos

Olympique de Marseille stadium - Stade Velodrome - Post Renovations - Photo from the inside

Olympique de Marseille football club will from now on have to pay €10m annually to use the stadium, which is in the ownership of the city of Marseille.

There are no immediate plans to sell the stadium naming rights.

What a nice looking place!