World's Highest Paid Football Teams in 2014

The King of Football Finance - Overhead KickSporting Intelligence and ESPN published a joint report ranking world's best paid sports teams in terms of 2014 average player salaries. Manchester City tops the list, closely followed by the New York Yankees baseball team.

On this page we will rank the football teams featured on the list.

Here are the highest paid football teams in 2014:

Rank & Team - Average Annual Pay

1. Manchester City - $8,109,912
2. Real Madrid - $7,586,438
3. Barcelona - $7,446,562
4. Bayern Munich - $6,689,311
5. Manchester United - $6,566,775
6. Chelsea - $6,053,686
7. Arsenal - $5,928,172
8. Juventus - $5,874,432
9. Liverpool - $5,692,292


It is important to note that this list looks at the average annual salaries only and it does not take into account funds received from endorsements etc.


It is a little unusual not seeing Paris Saint-Germain on this list.

Things could potentially get interesting, as far as salaries go, once FIFA Fair Play rules kick in.


Source: Sporting Intelligence