FIFA World Cup Qualifiers - Preview - October 11th, 2013

FIFA Brazil 2014 - LogoThe two last rounds of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers will take place on Friday, October 11th, 2013 and Tuesday, October 15th, 2013. Let's take a quick look to see what matches matter the most:

Group A

This group is practically over. Belgium are taking first place, Croatia are going to the playoffs.

Group B

Italy won group B already while Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic and Armenia are all battling for a potential spot in the playoffs.

Big Games:
Denmark vs. Italy
Armenia vs. Bulgaria

Group C

Germany are in. Sweden and Austria are fighting for second.

Big Game:
Sweden vs. Austria

Group D

Netherlands are in. Hungary, Turkey and Romania are in a close battle for second..

Big Games:
Netherlands vs. Hungary
Andorra vs. Romania
Estonia vs. Turkey

Group E

Switzerland and Iceland are fighting for first place finish and Slovenia, Norway and Albania could still finish second.

Big Games:
Iceland vs. Cyprus
Albania vs. Switzerland
Slovenia vs. Norway

Group F

Russia and Portugal are fighting for first. Israel could in theory finish second.

Big Games:
Luxembourg vs. Russia
Portugal vs. Israel

Group G

Bosnia-Herzegovina and Greece are at the top fighting for first.

Big Games:
Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Liechtenstein
Greece vs. Slovakia

Group H

England, Ukraine, Montenegro and Poland are still very much in it.

Big Games:
England vs. Montenegro
Ukraine vs. Poland

Group I

Spain first, France second.


We will follow up with a few match previews.

Some big games coming our way!