Who Will Win The NCAA Basketball Tournament?

Published on March 30th, 2015 11:22 pm EST
The NCAA basketball tournament is now down to the "Final Four" - the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats, the Duke Blue Devils, the Wisconsin Badgers and the Michigan State Spartans.

The Kentucky Wildcats are the story of the tournament, as they are seeking a perfect 40-0 season. Their perfect season looked to be in jeopardy in the "Elite Eight" against Notre Dame, but Kentucky ended up pulling off the win to advance into the Final Four.

The Duke Blue Devils are traditionally a very good team and will be hard to beat, while the Wisconsin Badgers are looking to build on last year's success. The Michigan State Spartans, who are playing exceptional basketball right now, are considered to be the underdog to win of the remaining four teams.

Here are the current betting odds on each team to win the tournament outright:

Kentucky Wildcats, 1.73
Duke Blue Devils, 4.50
Wisconsin Badgers, 5.00
Michigan State Spartans, 9.00

The lines for each of the "Final Four" games are:

Michigan State, 3.10
Duke Blue Devils, 1.40

Wisconsin Badgers, 3.00
Kentucky Wildcats, 1.42


The Kentucky Wildcats, as mentioned, are chasing perfection. Standing in their way will be the Blue Devils, Badgers and Spartans.

A team chasing perfection. Some of the biggest and most recognizable coaches in the history of the game. Four talented clubs, all good in their own ways. This should be a magical conclusion to the tournament.

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