Where To Bet on Euro 2020

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Whatever you want to call it - Euro 2020 or Euro 2021 - the tournament is right around the corner.

After being delayed a year due to the pandemic, the Euro tournament is set to get underway shortly.

The eyes of the world will be on the tournament, as fans of the game are very much looking forward to the distraction of a high-end football tournament.

There are some fantastic teams in this year's tournament. France, England, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Portugal are considered the current front-runners to win, though the likes of Italy and the Netherlands are also on the map as well.

And, like in any other year, there will be the dark horses that make deep runs in the tournament. This could include the likes of Denmark, Croatia or any number of other talented rosters.


Online betting allows people to bet on any number of different things related to the Euro 2020 tournament.

To start, you can bet on which team you think will outright win the tournament. As of this moment, France has the best odds to win, while Finland and North Macedonia have the worst.

You can place group betting wagers as well. Which team will win their group? Which two teams will move on from a group? Which team will finish third? The possibilities here are endless.

You can obviously bet on individual matches as well. The first available match to bet on will be Turkey vs Italy, which kicks off the tournament on Friday, June 11th.

You can also bet on which teams will make the finals, which teams will make the semi-finals and so on.

You can even bet on individual players and whether they will be the top goalscorer for their teams, the top goalscorers in the entire tournament, etc.

In short - there is virtually no limit to the different bets that you can place on the Euro 2020 tournament.


If you are interested in betting on England to outright win the tournament, they are currently listed at around 7.00 to win at most sportsbooks of note.

Bet365 is the sports book that we will be using to personally bet on this tournament.