England Has Slight Edge Over Italy

Published on June 21st, 2012 12:52 pm EST
On June 24th, England will do battle against Italy in one of the Euro 2012 Quarterfinals.

As it stands right now, oddsmakers are giving England a SLIGHT edge over Italy in this quarterfinal matchup.

Here is where the odds are currently sitting as of this moment:

England, +175
Draw, +200
Italy, +188

Obviously since these are quarterfinal games, there will be extra time and/or penalties if the game is a draw after regular time. The Draw, +200 odds will be a winner if the game is a draw after regular time.

If you are interesting in betting on the score of the game, here are some potential results that I picked out of the odds for you:

England, 1-0, +550
Draw, 0-0, +550
Italy, 1-0, +550
England, 5-2, +45000
Italy, 4-0, +6600

If you want to bet on the total, the over/under line is currently set at 2 goals. Here are the lines:

Over 2, 2.100
Under 2, 1.800

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