The Best Sports To Bet on Are The Least Popular

Published on November 21st, 2020 6:03 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

An article about looking for an edge in sports betting. Here is something to remember when it comes to the world of sports betting:

The more popular a sport or league is, the harder it will be to make money betting.

For instance - you can be the most knowledgeable English Premier League bettor in the world, though you will always have virtually no chance of developing an edge, as the competition is just so insane. You are going against betting groups with the best technology and information available, and the lines will almost always be perfectly set by the sportsbooks.

The same applies to the NFL. Football is very big business for online sportsbooks, so they will sink a tremendous amount of time and experience into making the lines perfect, which means less money for you in the long run.

If you want to develop an edge, you need to focus on less popular sports and leagues.

Sports and leagues where the books won't have the most appropriately priced lines.

Sports and leagues that the professionals largely avoid, which creates opportunity for you.

For instance - if you are a fan of American football, making money betting NFL spreads is likely going to be very hard.

However, there is a bigger edge to be had betting college football, especially games that involve non-ranked teams, as they have less interest from books and bettors.

The English Premier League is going to be very difficult to make money on. A smaller league, however, like Germany 3.Liga, might present more of an opportunity.

Betting on a UFC main event fight might be difficult in terms of gaining an edge, though a thorough knowledge of the fighters on a preliminary card will likely give you an edge over time.


In order to try and gain an edge over a sportsbook, remember this one golden rule:

The less eyes on a game, the better.

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