"Dutching" Lets You Profit From More Than One Outcome

Published on March 14th, 2019 9:59 am EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

Another article for the Betting Strategy section of the site.  Dutching explained. What is "dutching" in the world of sports betting?

"Dutching" is when you bet on more than one outcome for a sporting event and alter the amounts of each bet so that if any of your picks ends up winning, you win the same amount of money.

For instance - let's say that you think that one of the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams or Chicago Bears will win the Super Bowl. The odds look like this:

Patriots to Win, 8.00
Chiefs to Win, 8.50
Rams to Win, 8.50
Bears to Win, 15.00

Now, open up your favourite "dutching calculator" and enter in the odds and the total amount of money that you would like to wager.

Let's say that you want to wager a total of £1,000 - your bets would look like this:

£292.77 Bet on Patriots
£275.55 Bet on Chiefs
£275.55 Bet on Rams
£156.14 Bet on Bears

Why are these bet amounts important?

If any of these four teams wins the Super Bowl, you will win a total profit of £1342.14, which will represent a return of over 134%.

If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, you will win a profit of £1342.14.

If the Bears win the Super Bowl, you will still win a profit of £1342.14.

If you multiply all of these individual odds by the total wager amount, you will come up with a number of £2,342.14 as the total return - £1,342.14 in total profit, in addition to the return of the total £1,000 in wagers.

This is "dutching".

"Dutching", as you can see, comes in handy when you want to back more than one team or player to win.

The important part is making sure that you bet an appropriate amount so that your profit is the same, no matter who ends up winning.

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