"Duffel Bag Bettor" Travels From Betting Window to Betting Window in Las Vegas, Placing Monstrous Bets

Published on October 19th, 2019 4:32 pm EST
Written By: Dave Manuel

The mystery duffel bag bettor is very active in Las Vegas these days. If you follow some of the top sports betting voices on Twitter, surely you have heard about the infamous "Duffel Bag Bettor".

The "Duffel Bag Bettor" quite literally moves from sports book to sports book in Las Vegas, pulling out hundreds of thousands of dollars from a duffel bag and placing massive bets on a variety of different sports, though mainly the NFL, college football and college basketball. Sometimes he likes to do straight bets, other times, two or three-game parlays.

Whenever the "Duffel Bag Bettor" places wagers in Las Vegas, Twitter immediately starts to talk, debating whether or not his bets were smart ones.

In most cases, the "Duffel Bag Bettor" seems to enjoy placing bets on favorites and laying the points.

On some weeks, the "Duffel Bag Bettor" will look like a genius, racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in wins.

On other weeks, the "Duffel Bag Bettor" will look just like anyone else, whiffing on games that seemed like sure things.

There is no way to tell whether or not the "Duffel Bag Bettor" is a winning sports bettor over time, though the fact that he can still find action in Las Vegas should tell you that the answer is likely "no", as Vegas sports books don't tend to enjoy taking action from winning players.


The big question: is the "Duffel Bag Bettor" simply acting on somebody else's behalf?

As mentioned, some sports bettors will have their action turned away by sports books if they win too much, so there is the very real possibility that the "Duffel Bag Bettor" is simply placing bets on behalf of somebody else.

This is likely the reason why the "Duffel Bag Bettor" attracts such a buzz on Twitter, as people assume that he is placing wagers on behalf of a "sharp".

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