Cruz Currently -210 To Defeat Cody Garbrandt In UFC 207 Co-Main Event

Published on December 26th, 2016 3:54 pm EST
In the fight game, anything can happen at any time. After all, if Georges St. Pierre can lose to Matt Serra or if Ronda Rousey can lose to Holly Holm, anything can happen.

Dominick Cruz is set to defend his Bantamweight title against Cody Garbrandt in the co-main event of UFC 207 this Friday. Most people assume that Cruz will be able to easily defend his title, as evidenced by the current odds for the fight:

Dominick Cruz, -210
Cody Garbrandt, +175

According to these odds, Cruz should win the fight roughly 66% of the time.

Many people expect the fight to follow this script - Garbrandt will expend his energy trying to land on the practically unhittable Cruz. In the later rounds, Cruz will take over and take an unanimous decision victory over Garbrandt.

While Garbrandt has certainly been impressive in the UFC, he has not yet faced any top contenders in the division. With the bright lights of UFC 207 approaching, will he be able to fight a smart gameplan against Cruz, or will he be wild and try to land the knockout punch every time he throws? If that is Garbrandt's strategy going into this fight, he is likely in for a very long night.

Cruz, on the other hand, will do what he does best - avoid and counterstrike. Cruz is very hard to hit and is still quite a young fighter, despite being in the game for a long period of time. Cruz is too crafty to fall into Garbrandt's trap, and I would expect Cruz to pick Garbrandt apart over the course of the fight.

That being said, all it takes is for one punch to get through and the fight could go in another direction. At the end of the day, however, bet on Cruz's experience as he squares off against a guy who really hasn't had any truly big fights in his career. Cruz has a bunch of title fights under his belt, and I would expect him to easily beat Garbrandt.

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