Definition of Yo-yo Club

What does the term "yo-yo club" mean in the world of soccer? What is meant by a "yo-yo club"?

In soccer, a "yo-yo club" is a team that is regularly promoted and relegated.

Teams like these are too good to stay in their lower division, but not good enough to stay in a higher division.

The meaning of the term Yo-yo Club, when it comes to soccer, is explained by the King of Sports.Hence the term "yo-yo club", as they are constantly moving higher and lower.


An example of a "yo-yo" club would be Norwich City, which seems to be constantly moving up and down from the English Premier League.

Norwich City is too good for "The Championship", but not good enough to stay in the English Premier League, so they are constantly up and down.

In fact, Norwich City currently holds the record for most EPL relegations, and they may soon be adding to this total.


If you include all English divisions, Grimsby Town is the biggest yo-yo club of them all, as they have switched divisions a total of 31 times in their history.