Definition of World Cup Qualifying Betting

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What does the term "World Cup qualifying betting" mean? What is meant by the term "World Cup Qualifying betting"?

Unless you are the host nation, teams aren't just appointed to the World Cup tournament - they need to qualify via a long, arduous process that starts a full three years before the actual World Cup tournament.

In total, 31 teams (and the host nation) will end up qualifying for the World Cup. A total of 211 countries are eligible to participate in the qualifying rounds.

What does the term World Cup qualifying betting mean when it comes to the beautiful game of football / soccer?  The King explains.Six different Confederations - the AFC, CAF, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, OFC and UEFA - run qualifiers to determine which teams get sent to the World Cup.

Each Confederation sends a varying number of teams to the World Cup.

Each World Cup qualifying game can be wagered on, and most of the major sportsbooks will offer betting on all of the games.

You can bet on something as simple as who you think will win the game, or you can bet on something as obscure as which team will have the most corner kicks in the second half of the qualifying game.

Most sportsbooks will also offer bets that aren't decided by the outcome of a single game, such as which teams will end up qualifying for the World Cup, or which team will end up finishing last in a group.

Betting, of course, will extend into the actual World Cup as well, though the qualifying games also have a very robust betting volume as well.