Definition of Footbonaut

What is a Footbonaut in the game football?

The Footbonaut is Borussia Dortmund's training device that is supposed to help players develop their passing, shooting and reaction skills.

The Footbonaut is basically a large square room which shoots balls towards a player, located in the middle, at speeds of up to 120km/hour. The player is required to gain control of each ball and hit it back into a small square target window which opens, beeps and lights up in random locations.

The artificial turf field inside the facility measures 14x14 meters and there is a total of 72 target areas. The Footbonaut does not just shoot the balls, but it adds swerve to them as well.

Here is one of Dortmund's star players, Henrik Mkhitaryan, battling the Footbonaut.


Borussia Dortmund acquired the Footbonaut in 2012.