Definition of Total Sets

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What does the term "total sets" mean in the world of tennis betting? What is meant by the term "total sets"?

In tennis betting, one of the most popular types of betting is the "total sets" bet.

What type of a bet is Total Sets in the game of tennis?  Explained with example provided.  One of the most popular bets in the game.This bet is very straightforward, as you are simply betting on how many sets will be played in a match.

For instance, the "total sets" line for a Federer vs Nadal Australian Open finals match might look like this:

3 Sets, 3.40
4 Sets, 2.75
5 Sets, 3.75

So, according to these odds, a four-set match is seen as the likeliest outcome, followed by a 3-set match and a 5-set match, respectively.

It's important to note that it doesn't matter who wins with the "total sets" bet - all you need to focus on is guessing how many sets will be played in the match.