Definition of Total Sacks

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What does the term "total sacks" mean in the world of NFL betting, or football betting in general? What is meant by the term "total sacks"?

The total sacks line is quite straightforward - the sportsbook will set a line on total number of sacks in a game (by both teams combined), and you bet whether the final total will be over or under that number.

In photo: Green Bay Packers player getting sacked.  What is the meaning of the term Total Sacks?  The King explains.For instance - let's take a look at a real line from a Sunday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.

Total Sacks

4.5 Sacks

Over 4.5 Sacks, -110
Under 4.5 Sacks, -110

If you think that the teams will combine for 5 or more sacks in the game, you'd obviously want the bet the over. If not, you'd want to take the under.


The total sacks line is an interesting way to bet on a game if you don't really have an idea as to who will win.

An edge also exists for people who follow defenses, offensive lines, etc. very closely. Sportsbooks will usually just set this line based on statistics from previous weeks, so there is definitely an edge if you are aware of offensive line injuries, returning players, etc.

The total sacks line is one that is not as popular as others, though this can be the smart bettor an edge.