Definition of Tampa Bay Raptors

What does the term "Tampa Bay Raptors" mean? What is meant by the Tampa Bay Raptors?

The Toronto Raptors have a new temporary home in Tampa Bay.The Toronto Raptors were unable to secure permission to start their 2020-21 regular season in their regular home of Toronto, so they are being forced to temporarily relocate to Tampa Bay.

The Toronto Blue Jays faced a similar situation - they were unable to play in Toronto, so they were forced to temporarily relocate to Buffalo.

The problem the Raptors have is that they are the sole Canadian NBA team. The Canadian government doesn't want teams travelling back and forth over the US/Canada border, so they are not allowing the Raptors to play in Canada, likely until a Coronavirus vaccine is widely available throughout the world.

With a Coronavirus vaccine not expected to be widely available until mid-2021 at the earlier, don't expect the Raptors to play much in Toronto in the upcoming NBA season, if at all.