Definition of Superfecta

What does the term "superfecta" mean in the world of horse racing? What is the definition of the term "superfecta"?

In horse racing, a "superfecta" is a type of bet in which you pick the top four horses and in the correct order.

The definition and meaning of the term Superfecta when it comes to the sport of horse racing.  Example and illustration provided.For instance - you are betting on the Kentucky Derby and decide to place a "superfecta" that looks like this:

1st - Supa Vision
2nd - The Nickster
3rd - Bowie's Boy
4th - The Debater

Now, in order to win your bet, the horses will have to finish in the order listed above. If you pick the first two horses correctly but The Debater finished in third and not fourth, you would lose the wager.

Again - you need to pick the top four finishing horses AND you must put them into the correct order.

The "superfecta" can provide massive payouts, especially if the horses that are chosen have long odds to win. Essentially, successfully picking a "superfecta" has more or less the same odds as winning the lottery. If you happen to hit a "superfecta" while you are at the track, you are going to receive a very nice payout.