Definition of Super Wild Card Weekend

What does the term "super wild card weekend" mean as it applies to the NFL? What is the definition of the term "super wild card weekend"?

As part of the league's new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the league's playoffs have been expanded.

The meaning of the football term Super Wild Card Weekend is explained.Instead of the traditional two Wild Card teams, there will now be three.

This will result in an expansion of the playoffs, which leads to the creation of "Super Wild Card Weekend".

Super Wild Card Weekend will feature a total of SIX playoff games, including two games on Saturday, three games on Sunday and one game on Monday Night Football.


Players don't like the extra playoff games, and fans don't seem like big fans of the Monday Night Football playoff game.

This move is all about extra revenues, however, which is why the NFL is making this change.


There have been playoff games that have featured the Monday Night Football team, though there has never been a playoff game that has taken place on Monday Night Football.