Definition of Spread / Total Points

What does the term "spread / total points" mean in the sports betting world? What is meant by the term "spread/total points"?

The spread/total points line is often used in basketball and NFL football, and essentially combines the spread and the total of the game.

For instance - let's look at a real example of a basketball "spread / total points" line:

What type of a bet is Spread Total Points?  The King explains and an example is provided from the sport of basketball.Indiana Pacers +2.5, Over 229.5 Points, +240
Indiana Pacers +2.5, Under 229.5 Points, +255
Milwaukee Bucks -2.5, Over 229.5 Points, +260
Milwaukee Bucks -2.5, Under 229.5 Points, +260

So, let's say that you believe that the Pacers will cover the spread in what will be a low scoring affair.

In this case, you'd want to bet on the Pacers +2.5/Under 229.5 Points line at +255.

If you think that the Bucks will easily win in a high-scoring affair, you'd want to take the Bucks -2.5 and Over 229.5 Points.


Let's take a look at a NFL "spread / total points" line:

New England Patriots -4.5, Over 43.5 Points, +255
New England Patriots -4.5, Under 43.5 Points, +240
New York Jets +4.5, Over 43.5 Points, +245
New York Jets +4.5, Under 43.5 Points, +265

If you think that the Patriots are going to blow out the Jets, you'd want to take the Patriots -4.5/Over 43.5 Points line, etc.


This line is basically a parlay bet that includes the spread and the total from the game, and is used in various sports, namely basketball and football.