Definition of ROW

What does the term "ROW" mean in the hockey world? What is the ROW statistic that is used in the NHL standings?

In the NHL, "ROW" refers to:

Regulation Plus

The meaning of the term ROW in the game of hockey is explained in this article.

So - let's say that a team has 59 wins, of which 53 are "ROWs".

This means that this team won 59 of their games in either regulation or overtime, while their remaining 6 wins came in the shootout.

Why does this number matter?

ROW is the second highest tie-breaker used by the NHL:

1. Winning percentage.
2. ROW.
3. Head-to-head points.
4. Goal differential.

The NHL wants teams to put forth their maximum effort in regulation and overtime, which is why they put more weight on Regulation and Overtime wins.