Definition of RBBC

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What does the term "RBBC" mean in the world of football? What is meant by a "RBBC"?

In football, a "RBBC" stands for:


So, by using a "running back by committee", a team will have 2-3 running backs that they use, rather than one "bellcow".

What is the meaning of the football term RBBC - Running Back By Committee.  The King explains.  In photo:  Arizona Cardinals player with the ball.With a running back by committee, a team might use an early downs running, a third down/pass catching running back and even a short yardage/goal line running back.

A team like the New England Patriots loves using a running back by committee, as they will regularly roll out 2-3 running backs over the course of a game.

A team like the Tennessee Titans, on the other hand, will rely heavily on a "bellcow" running back like Derrick Henry, who is really only taken out of the game when he is tired.


More and more teams are going with the RBBC approach in this day and age, which has resulted in the running back position becoming significantly less valuable.

There are few bellcows left in the NFL, as teams would usually rather spend that money elsewhere.