Definition of Race to (Hits)

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What does the term race to (hits) mean in the world of baseball betting? What is meant by the term "race to (hits)"?

In the world of baseball betting, the term "race to (hits)" is a line that allows you to bet on which team will reach a certain number of hits first.

The famous New York Yankees player Reggie Jackson - What are Race to Hits whnen it comes to betting on baseball?For instance, let's say that the New York Yankees are playing the Houston Astros.

The "race to 5 hits" line might look like this:

New York Yankees, 1.73
Houston Astros, 2.25
Neither, 11.00

So, if you take the Yankees at 1.73, this means that you are betting that they will reach 5 hits before the Houston Astros do.

If you want to gamble and choose the "Neither" line, you will be betting that neither team reaches 5 hits.


One important thing to note with these types of lines:

The away team will have the advantage, as they will be hitting first.

As a result, you will usually see the away team having the advantage with the "race to (hits)" lines.