Definition of Quadruple (Football)

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What does the term "Quadruple" mean in the world of football? What is meant by a "Quadruple"?

In football, a "Quadruple" is when a football wins four titles/cups in a single year.
The commonly accepted definition of "Quadruple" includes:

1) League title
2) Continental title
3) Two other titles

For instance, in order to win a "Quadruple" for a team like Manchester City, they would have to win:

1) English Premier League
2) Champions League
3) FA Cup
4) League Cup

No team in the history of the English Premier League has won a Quadruple, though a couple of teams have come close.

Liverpool is in position to contend for a Quadruple as of the time this article was written.


Celtic is the only team to have ever won a Quadruple, as they won the European Cup, Scottish First Division and two other cups (Scottish Cup, Scottish League Cup) in 1966-67.

This is one of the rarest feats in sports, where you need everything to go absolutely right in order to have a chance.