Definition of PUP List

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What does the term "PUP list" mean when it comes to the NFL? What is meant by the "PUP list"?

The NFL has a roster designation called the "PUP List", which stands for Physically Unable to Perform.

The meaning of the NFL term PUP List is explained.  What is it?This list is used for players that have suffered football-related injuries and are unable to take part prior to the start of training camp.

Players on the PUP list are still allowed to take part in team meetings and use the team facilities, but they can not practice or play.

Players can be activated off the PUP list and moved to the active roster before the start of the regular season.

If a player is still on the PUP list at the start of the regular season, they can be moved to the Reserve/PUP list.

These players MUST sit out the first six weeks of the regular season, even if they are healthy and ready to go before that.

After the six weeks, teams will have up to 5 weeks to allow the player to begin practicing. Once the player has started practicing, teams will have up to 21 days to activate the player and move them to the 53-man roster.

If a player either:

a) doesn't begin practicing during the five-week window
b) doesn't get activated during the 21-day window

They will be on the PUP list for the remainder of the season.