Definition of Pro Bowl Games

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What does the term "Pro Bowl Games" mean in the world of the NFL? What is meant by the term "Pro Bowl Games"?

The "Pro Bowl Games" is a "re-imagining" of the Pro Bowl, which has garnered criticism from players and fans alike.

What are Pro Bowl Games?  In photo, a Bengals player during the old Pro Bowl event.The Pro Bowl, which was introduced back in 1951, is being canned in favor of the "Pro Bowl Games", which will essentially be a week-long skills competition that culminates in a flag football game.


Players didn't enjoy the Pro Bowl, as they were worried about getting injured.

Fans didn't enjoy the Pro Bowl, as players were unwilling to commit to giving any serious effort, as they were worried about getting hurt.

With the "Pro Bowl Games", players will engage in a number of different competitions, likely to include accuracy challenges for quarterbacks, speed competitions, etc.

As mentioned, there will be a flag football game at the end of the week. Players were very much in favor of this game, as it will be non-contact and players won't have to wear pads.


The time had certainly come to re-engineer the "Pro Bowl", as nobody really seemed to care about it.