Definition of Points Rebounds Assists (PRA)

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What does the term "points rebounds assists (PRA)" mean in the world of basketball betting? What does the term PRA mean?

One of the most popular lines to bet on for basketball bettors is the PRA line, which stands for:

Points Rebounds Assists

What is the meaning of the popular bet Points Rebounds Assits when it comes to the game of basketball?  The King explains.  In photo:  Anthony Davis shooting the ball.With this line, you are betting on whether a player's COMBINED points, assists and rebounds will finish above or below a certain amount.

For instance, let's say that Anthony Davis is playing, and his PRA line is set at:


The line might look like this:

Anthony Davis Points, Rebounds, Assists - 45.5

Over 45.5, -110
Under 45.5, -110

So, let's say that you think that Davis will have a very big game, so you take the Over.

Davis finishes with this line:

22 Points
17 Rebounds
7 Assists

So, his total PRA for the game is 46 (22 + 17 + 7), meaning that the over would pay out.


Every point, rebound and assist in the PRA line counts equally - so if somebody finishes with a 10/10/10 or 28/1/1 line, both of the PRA totals will be 30.