Definition of Player Turnovers Betting

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What does the term "player turnovers betting" mean in the world of basketball betting? What is meant by the term "player turnovers betting"?

In basketball betting, you can wager on if a player will have more or less than a certain number of turnovers in a game.

In photo:  John Stockton of Utah Jazz - The meaning of the term Player Turnovers Betting is explained.  What is it?For instance, a sportsbook may set a player's turnover total at 2.5, and you can bet on whether they will go under or over this total.

For instance, let's look at a real line from a game between the Utah Jazz and Cleveland Cavaliers:

Darius Garland, 2.5 Turnovers

Over 2.5 Turnovers, -165
Under 2.5 Turnovers, +135

So, as you can see, the "over 2.5 turnovers" line is the favorite.

This makes sense, as Garland has been averaging a little under 3 turnovers per game in the season.

If you think that Garland is going to have a good night distributing the ball, you'd want to take the Under 2.5 turnovers line, as the potential payout would be $135 in profit for every $100 that you bet.