Definition of Player Threes Made

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What does the term "player threes made" mean in the world of basketball betting? What is meant by "player threes made"?

The "player threes made" line is very simple - you are simply betting on whether or not a player will go over or under their posted Three Point total.

In photo: Kevin Durant attempting a three point shot.  The meaning of Three Points Made betting term is explained.For instance - the Kevin Durant line for a game might look like this:

Over 2.5 Threes, 2.25
Under 2.5 Threes, 1.64

So, if you think that Durant will make three 3-pointers or more, you'd want to take the "Over" line.

If you don't think that he will be as active from 3-point land, you'd want to take the Under.


Let's take a look at one more example:

DeMar DeRozan

Over 0.5 Threes, 1.68
Under 0.5 Threes, 2.15

So, in this case, DeMar DeRozen only needs to hit 1 three-pointer in order for you to win the bet (if you decide to take the Over, of course).

If you take the Under, you are going to be on the edge of your seat for the entire game, as just one three-pointer from DeRozan would make your wager lose.