Definition of Player Shots on Target

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What does the term "player shots on target" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "player shots on target"?

Sportsbooks can offer some pretty detailed wagers on football matches, and one of those types of wagers is the "player shots on target" bet.

With this bet, you are simply wagering whether or not a specific player in a match will produce more or less than a certain number of "shots on target" (shots on the net).

Player shots on target definition.  In photo: Fernando Torres is demonstrating the action, playing for Atletico Madrid.For instance, a "player shots on target" line might look like this:

Luis Muriel

1.5 Shots on Target

Under 1.5, 2.37
Over 1.5, 1.65

So, if you believe that Muriel is going to have a productive game, you'd probably want to bet the "Over 1.5 shots on target" line.

On the other hand, if you think that he is going to have trouble getting shots on nets (maybe the opposition has a great defense), you'd want to take the under.


It's important to note with this line that hitting the post or crossbar is "not" considered a shot on target, and never has been. Hitting the post is considered the same as missing the goal entirely.