Definition of Player Rebounds Milestones

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in the world of basketball betting? What is meant by the term "player rebounds milestones" in the world of NBA betting?

With the "player rebounds milestones" lines, you can bet on if a player will reach a certain "rebound milestone" in an individual game.

The meaning of the betting term Player Rebounds Milestones is explained.  In photo: Legendary Patrick Ewing in his trademark pose.For instance, let's say that the New York Knicks are playing host to the Chicago Bulls.

RJ Barrett's rebound milestone lines might look like this:

3 Rebounds, 1.04
5 Rebounds, 1.30
7 Rebounds, 2.25
10 Rebounds, 8.25
13 Rebounds, 21.00
15 Rebounds, 41.00

As you can see, this bookmaker thinks that it is very likely that Barrett has at least 5 rebounds in the game.

On the other hand, they think that it is very unlikely that Barrett will hit the 10 rebound mark, which makes sense, as Barrett RARELY hits this mark.

If you think that Barrett is going to have a monster game on the boards, you might want to target the 10, 13 or even 15 rebound milestone.

If you bet $100 on Barrett to reach 15 rebounds and he reaches this unlikely target, you would be looking at a profit of $4,000.