Definition of Player Points Low

What does the term "player points low" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by "player points low"?

This line is frequently used for basketball betting. With this line, the sportsbook will dramatically lower the over/under total for the total number of points that a player will score in a game.

This line is great for betting on when you think that a player could potentially have a low-scoring game.

Lebron James during his time at Cleveland Cavaliers.  Player Points Low betting term is explained.For instance, let's say that the over/under points line for Lebron James is set at 29.5 points.

The "player points low" line might look like this:

Lebron James, 24.5 points

Over 24.5 points, 1.22
Under 24.5 points, 4.50

As you can see, if you felt as though Lebron would post a low points number for whatever reason in this game (maybe you think he'd be tired at the end of a low road trip), you'd want to hammer the Under 24.5 points line at 4.50, which could give you a potentially large payout.


Sportsbooks also offer a "player points high" line as well in most cases, which we'll cover in a future article.