Definition of PAT Made

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What does the term "PAT Made" mean in the world of football betting? How can I bet on the "PAT Made" line?

In college football or NFL betting, sportsbooks will usually allow you to bet on how many PATs (Point After Touchdowns) a kicker will have over the course of a game.

The King explains the meaning of ther term PAT Made, when it comes to placing bets on the game of American football.  In photo: Extra point attempt.For instance - let's say that the Baltimore Ravens are playing the Cincinnati Bengals.

The PATs Made lines might look like this:

Justin Tucker

Over 2.5 PATs, +145
Under 2.5 PATs, -165

Evan MacPherson

Over 2.5 PATs, -135
Under 2.5 PATs, +115

So, in order to properly handicap these lines, you will need to estimate how many touchdowns the kicker's team that you are backing will score.

For instance, if you think that the Ravens and Bengals are going to have a high-scoring game, you would want to take either Tucker or MacPherson (or both) over the 2.5 PAT line.

If you think that the game is going to be a low-scoring affair, you'd want to take Tucker or MacPherson under the PAT total.