Definition of Over/Under Player Regular Season Rushing Yards

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What does the term "over/under player regular season rushing yards" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by this term?

One of the most popular types of NFL season-long props to bet on is regular season rushing yards.

With this line, you are betting on if a player will finish the regular season above or below the rushing yards total that the book has set for them.

The meaning of the betting term Over Under Player Regular Season Rushing Yards is explained with an example provided.  What is it?For instance - let's take a look at an actual line for the upcoming regular season:

Breece Hall

Over 922.5 Rushing Yards, -110
Under 922.5 Rushing Yards, -110

This is a very simple bet - either you think that Breece will rush for over 922.5 yards in the season, or you think that he will not meet that mark.

Here is another example:

Nick Chubb

Over 1,045.5 Rushing Yards, -110
Under 1,045.5 Rushing Yards, -110


Taking the Under on these types of lines carries with it additional risk, and you need to factor that into your calculations when making a bet.

For instance, there are a number of different factors that could help to contribute to a player going under their total, including:

1) Injury
2) Change in usage
3) Gamescript through the season

The first two are obvious. The third? What happens if the running back is on a really bad team that is often playing from behind? This means that the team will be throwing more and running less.


Season-long props can offer tremendous value for those who are willing to do the research.