Definition of No Huddle Offense

What is a "no huddle offense"? What does the term no huddle offense mean in the world of football?

Typically, football teams that are on offense will have a huddle before each play, where the quarterback will call out the play.

When teams are short on time (for instance, they are trailing late in the game), they will often use something called the "no huddle offense".

The explanation of No Huddle Offense is offered by the King of sports.In the no huddle offense, offensive teams will skip the huddle, with the quarterback instead calling out the play at the line of scrimmage.

In addition to saving time, this also has the added benefit of tiring out the defense, which is not able to rest as much between plays.

Of course, the offensive team will tire quickly as well, which is why teams typically don't use no huddle very often.

It can be harder to do a no huddle offense on the road, as opposing fans will scream loudly in order to try and drown out the sound of the audible call from the quarterback.