Definition of NCAA Passer Rating

What is meant by the term "NCAA passer rating"? What is the NCAA passer rating and how is it calculated?

The NCAA passer rating is somewhat similar to the QBR rating that the NFL uses, though there is no upper or lower limit to the number. Unlike the QBR rating, the NCAA's passer rating can be negative.

The NCAA passer rating ranges from -731.6 (worst possible rating) to 1,261.6 (best possible rating),

The definition of NCAA passer rating.  What is the meaing of the term when it comes to college football?There are five variables that you need to calculate the NCAA passer rating - they are:

ATT = Passing Attempts
COMP = Completions
Yards = Total Number of Passing Yards
TDs = Touchdown Passes
INT = Interceptions

The formula for calculating the NCAA passer rating looks like this:

((8.4 x Yards) + (330 x TDs) + (100 x COMP) - (200 x INT)) / ATT

So, let's say that a QB posts a line that looks like this:

355 Yards
3 TDs

His Passer Rating would be calculated like this:

((8.4 x 355) + (330 x 3) + (100 x 18) - (200 x 1)) / 20

(2982 + 990 + 1800 - 200) / 20