Definition of NBA Last 90

What does the term "NBA Last 90" mean? What is the definition of the term "NBA Last 90"?

"NBA Last 90" is the new product that the NBA and NBA Players Union is offering that will allow people to bet on virtual NBA games in markets where sports betting is legalized.

Here is how it works:

The NBA will allow a company named Highlight Games Ltd. to access their massive treasure trove of archived games.

Highlight Games Ltd. will then splice together historical highlights to create a virtual last 90 seconds of a game.

What is the meaning of the new term NBA Last 90?  The Sports King explains.So, for instance, you might be able to bet on the Los Angeles Lakers vs Cleveland Cavaliers, and Highlight Games Ltd. will use old footage to create a virtual last 90 seconds of a game between the two teams.

So, for one possession, the company may use highlights from a 1995 game between the two teams, and then they might use highlights from a 2007 game for the next possession. This randomization means that fans will have an unlimited number of "games" to bet on, as the company will be using highlights from many different years.

Bettors will be able to wager on who will win the game, who hit the most three-pointers, etc.

Betting on virtual games is big business and this product should be successful.

"NBA Last 90" will reportedly be offering in US and European markets where sports betting is legal, starting in 2020.