Definition of Multiple Franchise Tags

What does the term "multiple franchise tags" mean in the world of the NFL? What is meant when a player signs multiple franchise tags?

It is fairly rare for a player to receive multiple franchise tags. In most cases, a franchise tag will be applied and then a long-term deal between the two sides is worked out.

The meaning and real-life examples of the Multiple Franchise Tags used in the game of professional football (American).  Definition by Sports King.

In the cases of players such as Kirk Cousins (when he was with the Redskins) and DeMarcus Lawrence, a franchise tag can be applied for multiple year in a row, as the team and the player simply aren't able to work out a long-term deal.

In the case of Kirk Cousins, the Redskins were reportedly hesitant to offer their QB a long-term deal, as they weren't certain that he would be able to keep up his level of play.

In the case of DeMarcus Lawrence, the Cowboys desperately want to resign their stud defensive end to a long-term deal, though the two sides simply can't work out an agreement.

The non-exclusive franchise tag is used in most cases.

If a player receives a non-exclusive franchise tag, for instance, the first time around, he will receive the average salary of the top five players at his position over the past five years, or 120% of his previous salary, whichever is more.

If a player receives a franchise tag for a second time, he will be automatically paid 120% of his previous salary. DeMarcus Lawrence, for instance, received $17.143 million after being tagged in 2018, which was the average of the top five salaries at his position over the previous five years.

In 2019, Lawrence is being tagged again, and the Cowboys will have to pay Lawrence $20.5716, which is 120% of his 2018 salary).

If Lawrence is tagged AGAIN in 2020, he will receive the greater of these three options:

1) Quarterback tag
2) 120% of the average salaries at his position in the past year
3) 144% of his previous salary

So, let's look at what Lawrence could receive if he is tagged again for the third time in 2020:

1) Quarterback tag is $24,865,000 in 2019. Let's guess that this tag is $26-$27 million in 2020
2) 120% of his average salaries at his position in the past year (this number will be lower than the QB tag)
3) $29,623,104, which is 144% of his 2019 salary

So, Lawrence will walk into his contract negotiations with a minimum of $29,623,104 in GUARANTEED money already, as his 2020 would be guaranteed if he is tagged. This is in addition to the $20,571,600 that he will make in 2019.

So, if the Cowboys want to sign Lawrence to a deal, they will need to come to the table knowing that Lawrence will almost certainly be guaranteed $50 million over the next two years.


Third franchise tags are quite rare.