Definition of Multicorners

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What does the term "multicorners" mean in the world of football betting? What is meant by the term "multicorners"?

If you bet on a site like Bet365, you may have seen the "multicorners" line in the "Corners" section and wondered what it is.

For instance, you might see a Multicorners line that looks like this:

The King explains the meaning of the betting term Multicorners.  Lionel Messi playing for Barcelona FC as number 10 is about to take one.Multicorners


Over, 1.83
Under, 1.83

The "multicorners" number comes from multiplying the TOTAL number of match corners from the first half with the TOTAL number of match corners from the second half.

For instance, let's say that Manchester United is playing Chelsea.

There are four corner kicks in the first half, and five corner kicks in the second.

We'd multiply:


To reach a "multicorners" number of 20.

So, if the "multicorners" line had been set at 17.5 for this match and you had bet the over, you would have won your bet.