Definition of Moneyline / Total Points

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What does the term "moneyline / total points" mean in the world of sports betting? What is meant by the term "moneyline / total points"?

The "moneyline / total points" line is most frequently used in basketball betting.

In photo:  Toronto Raptors player trying to score a basket.  The meaning of the betting term Moneyline / Total Points is explained.This line is a combination of a moneyline and an over/under bet - so, you are picking who you think will win a game, and if the total will be over or under the mark that has been set by sportsbooks.

So, let's say that there is a game between the Portland Trail Blazers and Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors are small favorites to win at home, and the over/under like is set at 223.5 points.

The four moneyline/total points lines that you can bet on might look like this:

Raptors / Over 223.5 Points, +230
Trail Blazers / Over 223.5 Points, +300
Raptors / Under 223.5 Points, +235
Trail Blazers / Under 223.5 Points, +300

So - let's say that you pick the Raptors to win and for the total of the game to go over 223.5 Points.

Let's say that the Raptors win 98-77.

In this case, your bet would LOSE. You guessed the winner correctly (Raptors) but got the over/under wrong.

In order to cash this ticket, you would need to get both right.

This is why the payout for the ticket is so high, as you have to get both correct in order to win.

If you simply want to bet on the winner of a game, take the "money line" bet instead.